Hero City Minsk is the largest and most exciting city in the country. In order to at least skim all major sights of Minsk, will need at least 2-3 days.

Today in Minsk there are not many facilities, which could be attributed to the historical attractions of the city. Let"s try to show you the basic in this clip.

Since ancient times, the Belarusian land was not "terra incognita" for many evropeytsev.Drevny Minsk (Mensk) (Chronicle Menesk, Mensk) erected nine centuries ago as thorough fortress located on a natural island, at the meeting point of the rivers Svisloch and Nemiga.

Belarusian folk dance. Winding exciting music. Beautiful girls.

Gomel - a city in Belarus, in the south-east of the country, situated on the River Sog. In the entire history of more than vosmivekovuyu attractions in Gomel preserved many.

Mogilev - regional center in the eastern part of Belarus, Minsk distance to - about 200 kilometers. Mogilev is located on the banks of the Dnieper.

Grodno city - the administrative center of the homonymous province 280 km from Minsk. Located on the banks of the Neman River, the distance to the border with Poland - 15 km. Grodno - one of the oldest cities in the territory of modern Belarus.

Walk one of the most beautiful cities of Belarus - Grodno.

Brest Fortress as it was .... Today Brest Fortress is a monument of architecture of the XIX century.

Bialowieza Forest Belarus pride and dignity. Many animals and birds live only here.

Residence Santa Claus in the Bialowieza Forest. It is here tend to both adults and children.

Nesvizh Radziwill castle

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